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My name is Lyn and I live near the small community of Rylstone in NSW.  I make Sterling Silver Jewellery which is stocked at the ‘Almost Anything Emporium’ in Rylstone.  I love the creativity that jewellery making provides.  It allows me to portray thoughts and feelings and just to make things that I like. 


The bush fires made a significant mark – both physically and mentally: I made a small collection of Bush Fire jewellery (Conflagration) as a way of trying to deal with the mental trauma that ensued.

2023 has now happened!  My philosophy is to make the most of each day and I always try to have a positive in each day.  I am very lucky living in the county and having a large amount of bush around where we live.  It is constantly changing and producing new sights – flora, fauna and total environment.  

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